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Its time to forget those funny myths about sex toys as the truth is that they cannot only help in awakening your libido but they also have health benefits too. The health benefits of masturbation and using a vibrator are endless, from helping you sleep better to improving bladder control. Here an expert shares all the benefits you might not even know about when using your favorite vibrator.


  1. Yes to sex toys means zero chances of STDs


This is no rocket science. As there is no human intervention in this self-service, therefore, the chances of contracting viruses like HPV, HIV, and so on are almost zero. But ensure that you regularly sanitize your toys to avoid the risk of a bacterial infection.




Here’s another fun fact: If the idea of being naked gives you jitters then using a sex toy can actually help you gain some confidence. The study also suggests that using a sex toy can reduce anxiety and help you communicate better with your partner.




An orgasm can improve your mental health and happiness, thanks to those mood-boosting hormones. “When you climax, you produce hormones called oxytocin and serotonin,” explains Knight. “These hormones are known as the ‘feel-good’ hormones because they are linked to happiness. Regular boosts of these hormones through orgasms with a vibrator can contribute towards feeling less stressed and more positive.




“Lots of women report that regular orgasms aid in the relief of period pains and cramps,” says Knight. And forget putting off using your vibrator because you have a headache—it can help with that, too. This is because the area of the brain involved in pain reduction is highly activated during arousal and endorphins are released, which can soothe nerve impulses that cause migraines or joint pain.




Using a vibrator can also benefit your sexual health and wellbeing overall. If you suffer from pain during sex, you could have vaginismus. “This is a condition whereby the vaginal muscles spasm, which causes penetration to be extremely difficult or even completely impossible,” explains Knight. A sex toy can be a great vaginismus treatment. “Dilator kits can help with this condition. Just start off with the slimmest toy and, when your body is comfortable and accepting of the width, you can move onwards and upwards,”


  1. They help you sleep better


Sex toys can help us sleep better. What better reason can you need than that? Sleep is essential to our health. It strengthens our immune system, sharpens our cognitive skills, and, most importantly, keeps us from being crazy monsters in the morning. It also helps lower our risk for depression and anxiety. Love toys help in doing this since it helps us reach our orgasm more quickly and effectively. The activity releases oxytocin, endorphins, and can help people feel calmer and less stressed. Because of this, we get to sleep better.


  1. They’re also for the boys!

Sex toys are not just women. Men can definitely benefit from having one or two toys of their own. Not only can guys get turned on at the sight of his partner jerking off on his/her own. He can also use his sex toy for his own pleasure. Don’t get pressured about being called “weak” or “less of a man” for using sexual aids for pleasure. Love toys are for everyone.



  1. Improves relationships


Couples making love to each other after being with the same partner for a long time, the sexual relationship usually tends to fade. It gets to a time when intimacy starts feeling more like a chore. Using the right sex toys can go a long way to improve things. It will bring back the spark in the relationship and make intimacy something enjoyable again. The many different types of toys will give you a wide variety of options to try out and enjoy the relationship.


  1. It boosts sexual performance


You can use sex toys to boost your sexual performance. This is because the toy can work as good practice such that you will be able to impress your partner when it comes to your bedroom affairs. They allow you to explore the various aspects of your sexuality in a safe environment, which will help boost your confidence in bed. Sex toys are also known to improve both stamina and libido to deal with issues of lethargy. All these will count for a lot when it comes to your sexual performance.


  1. Sex toys treat sexual dysfunctions.


Anyone and everyone can suffer from sexual dysfunction. Doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20s or 70s; male or female; gay or straight; all of us can suffer from sexual dysfunction. Furthermore, sexual dysfunction can occur because of a wide range of physical or emotional factors, and there’s nothing quite as frustrating as the inability to orgasm. However, sex toys can help men and women deal with sexual dysfunction. Some of the recent sex toys, like Biird’s Obii, are specifically designed to trigger your entire clitoral structure, making them capable of getting past any physical or emotional barriers to deliver an orgasm. But it’s not just about orgasms; sex toys can also improve the journey towards orgasms.

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